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Authentication of students in E-learning and Online Exams

The world of education is moving online, offering rich, individualized learning at a time and place convenient for students. But, regardless of where and how the instructions occur, to avoid cheating, it is essential to verify the student's identity.
Most e-learning platforms today rely on simple username and password authentication to verify user identity. However, passwords can be easily shared. With convenient and natural facial recognition, students are linked to their digital identities to make their experience more secure.

Detection and counting of students in the classroom

In traditional classroom environments, analyzing informationabout student presence is very important for educational institutions. We offerAPIs for analyzing the frequency and permanence of students in the classroom, generating rich information for auditing or management purposes.

Face recognition of students in the classroom

In addition to statistical information, it may be necessary to know exactly which students are present in classrooms. We have APIs optimized for facial recognition in scenarios of this type.

Financial Services

Customer onboarding with duplicates checking

Financial institutions need the guarantee of uniqueness in identifying their customers. A well-done onboarding process with no duplicity of identity will guarantee a healthy relationship with the customer. We have an ABIS (Automated Biometric Identification Systems) solution for medium or large projects that fits perfectly into this scenario.

Users authentication in Mobile Banking

Mobile devices are everywhere. They have become part of people's lives. Banking applications need to offer their customers simple, contactless authentication methods. Our mobile biometric capture SDK supports facial recognition and a unique fingerprint capture technology via the smartphone's camera.

Health Care

Authentication of health insurance users

Health insurance plans need to guarantee deduplication in identifying their users and security in the authorizations for use. Our ABIS solution together with the mobile capture SDK can allow the creation of digital cards to authenticate the doctor and the user with the maximum possible security. It can also be used in telemedicine scenarios to authenticate users for online appointments.

Identification of patients in health units

BioPass ID platform that enables healthcare providers to avoid the dangers of patient misidentification.  Patients are not always able to identify themselves with sufficient confidence, and duplicate patient records can exacerbate the risk. Our APIs and SDKs can be run on different types of devices such as tablets, surveillance cameras and computers to identify the patient in healthcare facilities.

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