Biometrics solutions for banks and fintechs

Prevent fraud and ensure secure authentication of banking and financial institutions users with biometric and digital identity solutions.

Biometrics for Banks

Banking and financial transactions carry highly vulnerable data. A robust security system can prevent scammers and minimize access by unauthorized third parties. Beyond practicality, BioPass ID APIs provide secure user identification. From opening an account to validating payments and investments, capturing biometric images is more assertive and trusted.

Customer onboarding

Ensure security and fluidity in the customer experience from the first contact through an onboarding process without identity deduplication.

Mobile Banking customer authentication

Offer simple and secure mobile authentication methods that support facial recognition and fingerprint capture through a smartphone camera.

Multiplatform and highly scalable implementation

Implement biometric solutions for customer authentication in physical or virtual environments regardless of size.

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Biometrics for Fintechs

With the world becoming increasingly digital, fintechs must invest in effective identity validation solutions to combat fraud. BioPass ID's biometrics APIs offer practicality, precision, and speed in user identification. All of this is to help companies with the onboarding process, authorizing transactions, and enabling services to guarantee a more pleasant and secure customer experience.

Open digital accounts safely

Provide a safer experience with qualified biometric capture by verifying that the image of a face matches that of a real person.

Verification and authentication in online transactions

Avoid scams and use facial recognition and fingerprint technologies for identity verification and authentication.

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Convenience and secure user experience

Cost reduction

Prevent fraudulent processes from increasing the cost of services.

The best experience

Offer more convenience and agility from account opening to complex financial transactions.

Key differentiator

Stand out from the competition by promoting a safer environment for customers.

Fraud Security

Prevent malicious agents from impersonating users and hacking into accounts and financial transactions.

Powerfull tools for every possibility

Our API packages provide easy-to-implement biometric technology for secure and agile user identification:

ICAO Verification

Verifies that a facial image is in compliance with the ICAO standard (ISO 19794-5) that is used at airports.

Liveness 2D

Identifies the liveliness of a face based on the same photo that was used for the facial matching without the need for any intervention by the user.

Face and Fingerprint Matching

Verifies faces and fingerprints based on confidence scores and thresholds to assess affiliation.

Background Remove

Removes the background from an image of a face, with the possibility of applying a color to the background that was removed.

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