Technology in Education

The education experience becomes safer and more efficient for students and teachers with biometrics and artificial intelligence solutions.

Biometrics in schools

As educational institutions relentlessly strive for excellence, our API-based platform leads to a safer, more connected, and inspiring school environment. In addition to improving access control and student and teacher attendance, our goal is to transform classrooms into modern learning spaces where technology works in harmony with education.

Detect and counting of students in the classroom

Monitoring and recording student attendance to maintain the school's safety and control student evasion.

Facial recognition of students in the classroom

Identifies how many and which students are in the classroom.

Biometric access control system for the school environment

Enhance security by monitoring student, faculty, staff and visitor entry and exit.

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Biometrics in university

Biometric solutions are revolutionizing identity management, classroom attendance, remote assessment, and even access to libraries and food services. It's an era of technological innovation. Universities can economically save significant time and financial resources while enhancing educational and extracurricular activities.

Access control to the premises of the institution

Control and allow only authorized personnel to enter the facility.

Student authentication for remote courses

Students' identities can be verified with rigorous measures based on facial recognition, which can be linked to their digital identities.

Online testing identification and monitoring

Collect information for audit or management purposes and conduct highly accurate student attendance and persistence analysis.

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Educational institutions using biometrics and artificial intelligence APIs are experiencing these benefits:

Groundbreaking education

Boost school innovation and modernization by engaging students and parents with the latest technologies.

Data Privacy

Protect student and staff privacy by keeping personal information secure.

Fraud Prevention

Maintain the integrity of online exams by preventing impersonation attempts.


Establish control over access to the learning environment and keep everyone safe.

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Our API packages provide easy-to-implement biometric technology for secure and agile user identification:

ICAO Verification

Verifies that a facial image is in compliance with the ICAO standard (ISO 19794-5) that is used at airports.

Liveness 2D

Identifies the liveliness of a face based on the same photo that was used for the facial matching without the need for any intervention by the user.

Face and Fingerprint Matching

Verifies faces and fingerprints based on confidence scores and thresholds to assess affiliation.

Background Remove

Removes the background from an image of a face, with the possibility of applying a color to the background that was removed.

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