ABIS API Package

Automated Biometric Identification System for medium and large applications that need to perform the identification process.


Available in the most popular architecture standard on the market.

Device Independent

Available anywhere, anytime and on any device or operating system. Only an internet connection is required.

Easy to Code

Quickly integrate high performance biometrics into your application. See our Dev Center and Demos.

Package resources

Large-scale biometric identity management

The ABIS Package is used for large-scale biometric identity management with support for fingerprint recognition, facial recognition and other features. The solution has a highly modular architecture, allowing it to be configured and optimized for civil or criminal applications.

Manage millions of biometric records

Enjoy the benefits of cloud computing in your biometrics project without worrying about large investments in deployment.

Identity Management

Provides all necessary tools and services for identity management. The package includes enrollment of individuals, biometric identification (1), and verification (1:1).

Face and Fingerprint Matching

Supports the fusion and separation of biometric modalities such as fingerprint and facial recognition (multibiometrics).

Biometric Deduplication

Performs comparison of new biometric registrations with the information already stored in the database and eliminates duplicates from the systems.

Biometric Adjudication

Ensures security and accuracy for systems reliant on biometric identification. The tool examines biometric matching results and manual decision-making.

Forensics Tool

Provides the ability to analyze fingerprint images, perform automatic and manual enhancements to manage fingerprints.

Multibiometrics Cloud Database

The solution provides a multibiometric database with CRUD (create, read, update and delete) operations for adding, updating and verifying data via API calls.

Constant updates

Constant updates to algorithms, API and documentation. Always have the latest technology at hand.

Technical support

Technical support by email, chat or phone. Get documentation and source code for demo applications.

Security and privacy

Security through standard ports with TLS data transfer. Only templates are stored.

High availability

Flexible and scalable infrastructure. Can be customized to meet each client's needs.