Pricing plans

BioPass ID has a fair licensing model with payment proportional to use. We also have a Free plan for startup projects or for testing purposes.

Know the algorithms

Biometrics and Artificial Intelligence for multiple purposes

Explore our API and SDK functions that make your apps do more.


Face and fingerprint recognition

Everything you need to
Register, Check , Extract and Compare biometrics, Detect and Anonymize faces, Liveness 2D verification


Biometrics image compliance

Provides functionalities that allow the qualification of captured biometric data. Consequently you will obtain better results in the matching operations.


Recognizing people in the classroom

Provides functionality for detecting, counting or recognizing people in the classroom.

In Car Analytics

Driver and passenger behavior

Was specially developed for certification of processes that involve the behavior of people inside vehicles, such as classes in driving schools and transportation apps.


Large-scale multi-biometric applications

Used for large-scale biometric identity management with support for fingerprint recognition, facial recognition and other features.

Face SDK


Software Development Kit for building multiplatform face capture applications with features such as: face match, face detection, face auto crop.

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What payment methods do you offer?
We offer payment via Stripe or bank transfer.
How do I switch to a different price plan?
You can change your plan at any time through our Customer Portal.
What about the security of my payments?
We use credit card payment systems in your Stripe account or with the security offered by your bank for bank transfer.