In Car Analytics API Package

Functions for detecting, counting and analyzing the behavior of people in images captured inside a vehicle.


Available in the most popular architecture standard on the market.

Device Independent

Available anywhere, anytime and on any device or operating system. Only an internet connection is required.

Easy to Code

Quickly integrate high performance biometrics into your application. See our Dev Center and Demos.

Package resources

Certification of processes inside vehicles

In Car Analytics Package was specially developed for certification of processes that involve the behavior of people inside vehicles, such as classes in driving schools and transportation apps.

Increase security and compliance in your monitoring application

Add intelligence to your transport, fleet management or driving school app.

Detecting and Counting People

Detecting and Counting People API performs the detection and counting of people inside a vehicle.

Seat Belt Check

Seat Belt Check API checks whether people in the vehicle are wearing a seat belt.

Cell Phone Use Check

Cell Phone Use Check API checks whether people inside the vehicle are using a mobile device.

Food or Beverage Consumption Check

Food or Beverage Consumption Check API checks whether people in the vehicle are consuming food or drink.

Helmet Detection

Our API provides an effective way to check if individuals are wearing helmets.

Constant updates

Constant updates to algorithms, API and documentation. Always have the latest technology at hand.

Technical support

Technical support by email, chat or phone. Get documentation and source code for demo applications.

Security and privacy

Security through standard ports with TLS data transfer. Only templates are stored.

High availability

Flexible and scalable infrastructure. Can be customized to meet each client's needs.