Easy to use and robust

Use the Face SDK with BioPass ID biometrics API and build robust ID applications with features such as: Face Match, Face Detection, Face Auto Crop, Compliance Check with ICAO Standard (ISO / IEC 19794-5) and 2D Liveness.

Ready to Go

Ready-to-use component model. Less implementation work. Fast deployment.

All in One

Capture features and quality assessment of captured images. All in one pack.

Low Code

Quickly integrate biometrics capture into your application. See our Dev Center and Demos.


Customizable UI for any kind of UX

Increase the security of your applications without harming your user experience.

All customization available:

- Title Text
- Help Text
- Loading Text
- Font Family
- Face Frame
- Overlay
- Default Camera
- Capture button

Enable or disable components:

- Tittle text
- Help Text
- Capture button
- Button icons
- Flip Camera button
- Flash button

Change all colors:

- Overlay color and opacity
- Capture button color
- Capture button text color
- Flip Camera color
- Flash Button color
- Text colors


Full technology stack
for all platforms

Explore our features that make your apps do more. Some functionality is native to the SDK and others you need a subscription to our API packages.

Demo and Documentation

Try demo applications and browse our DevCenter.

Try demo applications on both Web and Mobile platforms.
Learn about building, deploying, and managing your biometrics apps with BioPass ID.