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Functions for qualifying biometric data.


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Qualified biometric data for best results

The Quality Package provides functionalities that allow the qualification of captured biometric data. Consequently you will obtain better results in the matching operations in your systems.

Get better results with your biometric applications

Qualify biometric images during the Onboarding process and maximize matching results.

Face Compliance Verification

Face Compliance Verification API checks the compliance of a facial photograph with the ICAO standard (ISO 19794-5).
Check out the extensive list of features in our documentation.

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Face Crop

Face Crop API creates a Face Token Image from an image containing a human face using eye coordinates automatically detected by the BioPass face detection algorithm. It includes geometrical face image normalization according to the proportions and photographic properties, which are specified in ISO 19794 standard.

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Face Background Remover

Face Background Remover API remove the background from a face image. You can also apply a replacement color to the removed background.
Get excellent results using it in conjunction with the VariedBackground functionality (from Face Compliance Verification API).

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Fingerprint Quality Verification

Fingerprint Quality Verification API checks the quality level on a fingerprint image according to the FBI's NFIQ standard.

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Certification for Biometric Identification

Discover why
our technology is reliable

NIST is a U.S. agency that sets measurement standards and fosters innovation and industrial competitiveness.

NIST Finger Image Quality (NFIQ 1)

Is a critical metric developed by the  (NIST) to assess the quality of fingerprint images.

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Fingerprint Compression (WSQ)

Compression standard for the preservation of high-quality fingerprint images

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FATE Quality

Standard for the quality and performance of face analysis technologies

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FVC-onGoing provides continuous, web-based evaluations of fingerprint recognition algorithms against global benchmarks.

Fingerprint Verification

Benchmarking tool that helps shape the development  of reliable fingerprint algorithms

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Face Image ISO Compliance Verification

Standardization and quality assurance of facial recognition technologies

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Use Cases

Find out what are the most common use cases for this API package.

Friction reduction in face onboarding
Standardization of stored biometric images
Biometric image compliance for interoperability between systems
Best results in biometric matching

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