Certify processes with the Analytics API

BioPass ID offers several API and SDK packages in order to help with the most complex challenges involving biometrics as a service. Among the available packages are In Car Analytics and Classroom and here are some ways they are offered:

  • Check In Car: it identifies and counts people inside a vehicle; 
  • Classroom Check: it works the same way as "Check In Car", but it is applied in classrooms. 
  • Detect Helmet: it identifies whether or not the driver is wearing a helmet. 

These services ensure that procedures, such as those applied to drivers training, comply with the rules defined by the traffic legislation.

But, what would be the real benefits of adopting these technologies, considering that the same results could be achieved in the traditional way?

That is what we will find out next.

Traditional Processes vs Innovative Processes with Analytics API: which one should I use?

Analyzing procedures that involve attendance checking, people counting, individual recognition, among others, requires a great effort when they are done manually.

Usually, traditional procedures bring little return in terms of satisfaction and assurance of the safety of the procedures.

Regarding driving schools, State Traffic Departments and other public bodies linked to the certification of drivers license issuing processes, the monitoring was entrusted to a manual check, made by a human being. 

However, it is known that some cases of fraud, unintentional errors, or information verification were difficult to monitor. 

You may have heard or seen cases where someone did not attend the necessary classes and still completed the process.

In case of disagreement between drivers and driving schools, both parties lacked support, since the evidence about the process was limited to paper and each other's words. Therefore, there was no means of proof of their words, causing only doubt and frustration.

Advantages of the Analytics API package

The advent of technology and the automation of activities inject artificial intelligence algorithms and provide experiences that are more in tune with reality, as well as safer.

The use of the Analytics package brings some benefits since it is possible to automate the process:

Increase productivity
Reduce cost, time and waste
Minimize flows and control all the business processes

The repetitive procedures are now automated and bring agility and security to the regulating bodies, as much as to schools, driving schools, students and drivers.

Checking the information in real time, as well as storing and collecting the data form the documentation of the entire process and enable the rules to be followed, secured, and monitored.

These three services are divided into APIs that contribute with results that provide agility and security. With that in mind, let's understand a little more about each one's performance:

Check In Car API

The Check In Car API monitors the practical stage of the driver’s license issuance process (driving classes and test),. It verifies if the driver is inside the vehicle,  counts how many people are in the car and evaluates some of the driver’s behavior, such as:

  • Permanence of the vehicle's dashboard; 
  • Use of seat belts;
  • Hands on the steering wheel;
  • Use of cell phones during the procedure. 

The API analyzes these behaviors and if all are fulfilled, the API returns a positive message. Otherwise, when something is not according to the standards, a signal is triggered to prevent an infraction caused by an incorrect procedure.

Classroom Check API

Classroom Check identifies how many people are in a classroom and takes attendance by recording the number of students, providing additional monitoring.

The attendance register is a very important document in order to approve a student. It can even be presented in court for procedural proof, as well as for filing a lawsuit.

Detect Helmet API

Detect Helmet determines whether or not the driver is wearing a helmet during the practical test, which is essential when riding a motorcycle. It ensures both the rider's safety and that the rules are followed.


The analytical view of the BioPass ID API packages through artificial intelligence ensures security for processes and people involved in them, with agility in the flow of information.

Artificial intelligence can work so that the information is delivered and is not only aimed at the quantitative side, but especially at the qualitative one.

Together, the computational and human eyes work in favor of monitoring rules for the same purpose: more dynamic, practical, and accessible processes. 

And you, how about owning this technology that provides you an analytical look through modern APIs, but doesn't dispense with the human look? Take a closer look at the In Car Analytics API and the Classroom API package.

Translation: Thalita Ferreira