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Face Passive

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Cutting edge technology available for your application

The BioPass ID API and SDK is used by the law enforcement and available for your projects. Get professional results without any necessary specialized knowledge.

Easy to Implement

Quickly integrate high performance biometrics into your application. See our Dev Center and Demos.

Security by Design

It uses the most modern security techniques for industries and applications dealing with highly sensitive data.

Device Independent

Available anywhere, anytime and on any device or operating system. Only an internet connection is required.

biopass id


Get to know the successful cases of companies
that already use Biopass ID technology in their products.
Our modules offer the ideal solution for your business.

biometrics and ai packages

Solutions for any project

Face and fingerprint recognition, liveness, ABIS, capture modules and more. Simple, efficient and suitable for a wide variety of applications.

biometrics as a service

Save your time

Deploy your biometrics secured application in hours with our API and SDK.

Know the algorithms

Biometrics and Artificial Intelligence for multiple purposes

Explore our API and SDK functions that make your apps do more.


Face and fingerprint recognition

Everything you need to
Register, Check , Extract and Compare biometrics, Detect and Anonymize faces, Liveness 2D verification


Biometrics image compliance

Provides functionalities that allow the qualification of captured biometric data. Consequently you will obtain better results in the matching operations.


Recognizing people in the classroom

Provides functionality for detecting, counting or recognizing people in the classroom.

In Car Analytics

Driver and passenger behavior

Was specially developed for certification of processes that involve the behavior of people inside vehicles, such as classes in driving schools and transportation apps.


Large-scale multi-biometric applications

Used for large-scale biometric identity management with support for fingerprint recognition, facial recognition and other features.

Face SDK

Face capture

Software Development Kit for building multiplatform face capture applications with features such as: face match, face detection, face auto crop.

Everything tailored for the best developer experience

Our documentation has the information you need to successfully consume and integrate our APIs and SDKs. With technical writing, samples and examples we will help you to implement our solutions.





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Biometric Verifications
Biometrics Onboarding
Liveness 2D Verifications